About us

Superior Charter School Services, Inc. (SCSS) is a full service charter school management organization. For over a decade, SCSS has distinguished itself as collaborative, mission-focused leader and partner in supporting school operations, governance, fiscal viability and accountability, and most important high level of student learning and success. Its proven and highly-regarded track record of developing, operating, and growing high-performing charter schools has distinguished it in the nation’s 4th largest school district, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Presently, it manages and operates six highly successful charter schools: AcadeMir Charter School West, AcadeMir Charter School Middle, AcadeMir Preparatory Academy,  and AcadeMir Charter School Preparatory, AcadeMir Charter School Preparatory (Annex)  and AcadeMir Charter School of Math and Science. As a direct result of the highly effective management of Superior Charter School Service, in 2015 AcadeMir Charter School West was designated as a High-Performing Charter School by the Florida Department of Education. Since that time, schools established and managed by SCSS have been ranked among the highest performing in the district and state.

“In 2015 AcadeMir Charter School West was designated as a High-Performing Charter School by the Florida Department of Education.”

Governance Partnership

Superior Charter Schools, Inc. recognizes and embraces the importance of establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the Charter School Governing Board. It is through such efforts, that the Board’s vision, mission and student learning and success can be fully achieved. SCSS believes that each school’s governing board is unique and by working closely with its members it ensures a positive outcome for success. It is through these relationships, that schools and students succeed.

Meet our business experts

Our team has decades of experience working side-by-side with district, school administrators and educator to develop, implement and monitor school improvement efforts that result in measurable and sustainable success. Our Team consists of the following: Curriculum Specialist, CPA, Human Resources Expert, Payroll Specialist, Architect, Building Contractors, Realtor and Operations Manager.

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