An extraordinary unraveling is occurring, and no one will be untouched. The social disruptions of this crisis will be deep, broad, and long-lasting. That goes without saying that our Tiger Strong Pride is what has been the fuel that has allowed for us to continue to persevere and come out stronger

than ever before. On March 16th, we responded to the request of the Miami Dade County Public School District superintendent and local health officials to temporarily close our school’s doors for the safety and well being of our students and our Tiger families. There, at that moment, with what resources were made available. Administration, faculty, and support staff had to respond the only way we knew how, the ACADEMIR WAY. Together, we developed and deployed a virtual emergency-learning plan that proved to be on edge with the style of educational excellence our students and families are already familiar with.

During this hard time, our perseverance, passion,

and dedication to our students drove our transition into a virtual learning environment. Even during these difficult times, our tigers pull together. we temporarily closed our doors but opened wide our hearts and minds and accepted the challenge to continue to learn while staying safe and healthy at home. When we left our buildings we said to each other stay strong tigers we will be back and better than ever before.